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The Books of Allah


The Books of Allah (S.W.T)

  1. Kitaabs were revealed to the Ambiya to teach and educate their nations. The big books are called "Kitaabs" whilst the small ones are called "Sahifas".
  2. Muslims believe in all the Books sent by Allah Ta'ala. The Tauraat was revealed to Hazrat Moosa (alaihis salaam); the Zaboor was revealed to Hazrat Dawood (alaihis salaam); the Injeel was revealed to Hazrat 'Isa (alaihis salaam) and the Holy Quran was revealed to our Nabi Hazrat Muhammad (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam).
  3. The followers of these Prophets altered these books (Tauraat, Zaboor and Injeel), added or extracted statements and, therefore changed the Orders of Allah Ta'ala.
  4. The Holy Quran is such a unique book that no one can make another like it. Even if the whole world tried together to make one, they would not be able to.
  5. The Holy Quran is complete with all the knowledge and every aspect is enlightened. It is the same now as was fourteen hundred years earlier as it was when it was revealed, and will always remain the same.
  6. Those who say that someone has altered or increased or decreased the Holy Quran or that the true Quran is kept by the Imaam of the Unseen, then they are Kaafirs. The Holy Quran that we have today is the true Quran.
  7. It is necessary for all to bring faith on this Holy Quran. There will not come a new Prophet or a new book. Those who believe against this are not Muslims.