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The Coming of Qiyamat and Some Signs


The Coming of Qiyamat and Some Signs

One day the entire world, humans, animals, Jinns, Angels, earth, skies and whatever that is in them will come to an end or perish. There will be nothing left except for Allah Ta'ala. This is known as the coming of Qiyamat. Before the coming of Qiyamat, there will be some signs that will appear, out of which, we write some of them here:
  1. Khasf meaning that there will be three places where the earth will open up and men will be buried alive. One will be in the west, one in the east and one in Arabia.
  2. The knowledge of religion will disappear, meaning the Ulema (scholars of religion) will be taken away.
  3. There will be a large exploitation of illiteracy.
  4. There will be great use of alcohol and adultery to such a shameful extent that it will be as common as donkeys eating grass.
  5. There will be fewer males and more females. The ratio will be fifty women compared to one man.
  6. There will be a lot of goods.
  7. In Arabia, there will be green scenery such as green crops, parks and streams. The streams will open its treasures and there will be mountains of gold.
  8. Men will listen to their women and not their parents. They will stay in close contact with their friends and stay away from their parents.
  9. There will be great use of music.
  10. People will curse their ancestors and speak ill of them.
  11. The wrongdoers and non-capable will be made leaders.
  12. Degraded people, who could not find cheap clothing, will own large mansions.
  13. People will scream and shout in Mosques.
  14. To stay in Islam will be so difficult as it is difficult to hold hot ash in the hand. Up till the extent that a person will go the cemetery and wish that they were in that grave.
  15. There will be no quality in time. A year will be like a month. A month will be like a week. A week will be like a day. A day will be like as if an item has caught fire and quickly turns into ash, meaning time will go very fast.
  16. Savage animals will speak to humans. The point of a whip and the heel of a shoe will speak and will inform you of what has happened in the home. In fact, a person's thigh will speak and inform him of things.
  17. The sun will rise from the west. At this point, the doors of repentance will close. One can no longer bring faith into Islam.
  18. Except for the big "Dajjal" (impostor), there will be thirty other impostors who will all claim to be Prophets whereas in fact Prophecy has finished. There will be no other Prophet after our Prophet Hazrat Muhammad Mustapha (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam). Out of these impostors, there have already been some, for example, Mussailamma Kazzab, Taleeha Bin Khuwild, Asood Ansi, Mirza Ali Muhammad Baab, Mirza Ali Hussain Baha'ullah, Mirza Gulam Ahmed Qadyani, etc. and those that are left will certainly come.


  1. Dajjal will be Kaanaa (one-eyed) person.
  2. He will make Dawaa (claim) to be Allah Ta'ala.
  3. On his head, the letters "K, F, R" (Kaaf, Feh, Reh) will be written, meaning "Kaafir" (infidel), and this will be read by all Muslims, but it will not be seen by the Kaafirs.
  4. He will travel very fast. In forty days he will travel the entire world except Haramain Sharifain (the two Holy Mosques in Makkah and Madinah).
  5. Within these forty days, the first day will be the length of one year, the second day will be the length of one month, the third will be the length of one week and the rest will each be twenty-four hours long.
  6. His mischief will be very strong. He will have with him one garden and one place of fire. He will call these Jannat and Dozakh and wherever he goes he will take them with him. His Jannat will really be fire and his Dozakh will really be a place for rest. He will order people to believe him to be the lord. Whoever believes him as the lord, he will put them into his Jannat, and whoever rejects him, he will throw them into his Dozakh.
  7. He will bring back to life the dead. He will make rainfall. He will command the land and it will grow crops. He will go into areas of desolation. The treasures of these areas will be with him like bees are with flowers. He will show all kinds of miracles like these, which really will be nothing but magic and illusions. In reality, there will be nothing with him and that is why when he disappears everything will disappear with him and people with have nothing.
  8. When he will wish to enter Haramain Sharifain, the Angels will force his face to another direction.
  9. He will have a whole army of Jews with him.
  10. There will be three earthquakes in Madinatul Munawwarah. The reason for this is that there will be people there behaving like Muslims but they will be Kufaar and Munafiqeen and through fear of the earthquakes they will leave Madinatul Munawwarah and join the army of Dajjal.


  1. After Dajjal travels the entire world, he will go to Shaam (Syria).
  2. Hazrat 'Isa (alaihis salaam) at that time will descend from the sky on the East Minaret of the Jaame Masjid in Damascus during Suboh (morning).
  3. The Iqaamat for Fajr Salaah would have been said.
  4. Hazrat 'Isa (alaihis salaam) will command Hazrat Imam Mahdi to perform the Imaamat. Hazrat Imam Mahdi will lead the Jamaat in Salaah.
  5. The cursed Dajjal will start melting from the beautiful fragrance given from Hazrat 'Isa’s (alaihis salaam) breath, just like salt starts melting with water. The fragrant smell of Hazrat 'Isa’s (alaihis salaam) breath will reach as far as one's sight can see.
  6. Dajjal will be on the run. Hazrat 'Isa (alaihis salaam) will chase after him and throw a Nezah (spear) in Dajjal's back. Dajjal will be killed.
  7. Then Hazrat 'Isa (alaihis salaam) will break the Salib (cross) and will kill the Khinzir (pig).
  8. All the remaining Jews and Christians will bring Imaan in Hazrat 'Isa (alaihis salaam). At that time there will only be one religion in the entire world - the religion of Islam.
  9. Hazrat 'Isa (alaihis salaam) will marry and will have children.
  10. He will live in this world for forty years and then pass away. He would be buried in Madinatul Munawwarah, under the Green Dome next to the Rauzah-e-Anwar.


  1. Hazrath Imam Mahdi will be the descendant of Nabi Muhammad (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam). He would be Hassani Sayyid.
  2. He would be an Imaam and Mujtahid (Jurist entitled to independent opinion) of his time.
  3. The only place that will be left as Qiyamat draws near when infidelity will spread to the whole world will be Haramain Sharifain.
  4. All the Awliya, Abdaal and pious Scholars will migrate to the Haramain Sharifain.
  5. While the Abdaals will be performing Tawaaf of the Holy Kaaba in the blessed month of Ramadaan, Hazrath Imam Mahdi would be present. The Awliya would recognize him and would want to take Bai'at by him, but the Imam would refuse. From the Unseen, a Voice would say: "Haaza Khalifatullah al Mahid fasma'oolahu wa Ati oohu" meaning, "This is the Khalifah of Allah, Mahdi! Listen to him and obey him." Then, all will make Bai'at at his blessed hands.
  6. Thereafter, Hazrath Imam Mahdi would take everyone with him to Shaam (Syria).


  1. This is actually a tribe and they are from the children of Yafis Bin Nooh (alaihis salaam). They are very large in number.
  2. They used to cause destruction on earth. They used to come out in spring and eat all the greenery.
  3. They used to eat humans and also wild beasts, snakes and scorpions.
  4. Hazrat Zulkarnain (alaihis salaam) made a wall of iron and enclosed them in it.
  5. When Hazrath ‘Isa (alaihis salaam) kills Dajjal, then with the command of Allah Ta'ala, he would take all the Muslims on Koh-e-Thoor (Mount Sinai).
  6. Then Yajooj Majooj will break the wall, come out and will create many fasaad (mischief) - robbing, looting, fighting, killing, etc.
  7. With the Du'a of Hazrath 'Isa (alaihis salaam) Allah Ta'ala will cause a plague which will cause them to die. There will be no place left on the earth where their bodies will not be seen. Allah Ta'ala will send a bird which will clear their bodies and leave them where ever Allah Ta'ala commands.
  8. Their spears and shields, etc. will take seven years to be burnt by the Muslims, after which Allah Ta'ala will send rain and that will leave the entire earth fresh again.
  9. Thereafter, the earth and the skies will be commanded to open their treasures to the people of the earth. During this time, one entire congregation will be able to eat from one single pomegranate and ten people will be able to sit in the shade of the pomegranate peal.


  1. This is a strange-looking animal that will come out from the mountain of Safa and will travel the whole world in great speed.
  2. It will speak clear and fluent Arabic.
  3. In it's hands, it will have the Asaa (stick) of Hazrat Moosa (alaihis salaam) and the ring of Hazrat Sulaiman (alaihis salaam).
  4. With the stick, this animal will stamp the foreheads of all Muslims with a shining mark, and with the ring it will stamp the foreheads of all the Kaafirs with a dark black mark. At this point, all Muslims and Kaafirs will be clearly identified and recognised.
  5. The Muslims will remain as Muslims and will pass away with Imaan, while the Kaafirs will remain as Kaafirs and pass away in that condition.


  1. After Hazrat ‘Isa (alaihis salaam) makes Wafaa'at (passes away), 40 years will remain for Qiyamat to occur.
  2. A cool scented wind will blow which will pass from under the armpits of people.
  3. As a result of this all Muslims will pass away and only the Kaafirs will remain alive.


  1. Qiyamat will occur on the Kaafirs. In that 40 years, nobody would have children and nobody’s age will be less than 40 years.
  2. There would be no one to take Allah's Name. The Kaafirs would be busy in whatever work they would be doing.
  3. Allah Ta'ala will command Hazrat Israfeel (alaihis salaam) to blow the Sur. Certain people will be busy painting their walls, while others will be busy eating food, etc. (engrossed in worldly activities). The sound of the Horn will first of all be very faint, and then it will start getting sharper and sharper. People will listen to the sound with great concentration, and they will become unconscious and die.
  4. Thereafter, the sky, the land, sea, mountain, the Sur and Hazrat Israfeel (alaihis salaam) and all the Angels would be Fanaa (destroyed). At that time no one would be in existence but Allah Ta'ala.
  5. After this, when Allah Ta'ala wishes, He will bring back to life Hazrat Israfeel (alaihis salaam) and re-create the Sur, and order Hazrat Israfeel (alaihis salaam) to blow it again.
  6. As soon as the Sur is blown, all the people from the beginning to the end, all the Angels, humans, Jinn and animals will become alive again.
  7. The first to rise will be the Holy Prophet (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) with Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique (radi Allahu anhu) on his right and Hazrat Umar-e-Farouk (radi Allahu anhu) on his left. With them will rise all the Muslims of Jannatul Baqi and Jannatul Ma'laa, the two blessed graveyards of Madina and Makkah.
  8. People will start coming out of their graves and their "Aamal-Naama" or "Book of Deeds" will be given to them in their hands. They will all start going to the field of Hashr. They will then stand and wait for their judgement and fate. The ground will be made of copper. The sun will be glowing in full strength and will be just above people's heads. With the extreme heat, people's brains will start boiling and their tongues will become as dry as thorns and it will drop out of their mouths. People will perspire tremendously. Some will perspire till their ankles, some will perspire till their knees and some till their faces. They will suffer depending upon their deeds. The perspiration will also be giving off a foul stench.
  9. There will be great delay just in this position. The day will be equivalent to fifty thousand years, and half of the time will go by in this situation.
  10. On this Day of Judgement, no person will be prepared to assist the next. Parents will not even recognise their own children. On this day, each person will be for himself.
  11. People will start looking for an intercessor who would be able to relieve them of this problem and so that a quick decision could be made. All the people will take advice and go to Hazrat Adam (alaihis salaam) first. He will say them to go to Hazrat Nooh (alaihis salaam), who will say them to go to Hazrat Ibrahim (alaihis salaam), who will say them to go to Hazrat Moosa (alaihis salaam), who will send everybody to Hazrat 'Isa (alaihis salaam). Hazrat 'Isa (alaihis salaam) will send everybody to our Master Hazrat Muhammad Mustapha (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam).
  12. When the people go to our Huzoor (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) and request him to intercede, our beloved Prophet (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) will say, "I agree and am prepared to do this". He will then perform prostration in the Holy Court of Allah Ta'ala. Allah Ta'ala will say: "O Muhammad, lift your head, say and it will be listened, ask and it will be given, and perform intercession and it will be accepted".
  13. Now the judgement and accounting will begin. The deeds will be weighed in the "Meezan-e-Amal" or "Scales of Deed". Your own hands, feet and other parts will give witness against you. The part of the ground where a particular action took place will also be prepared to give witness against you. There will be no friends or helpers. A father will not help his son, nor will a son help his father. All the deeds will be unveiled. All the deeds that have been done will be in front of you. You will not be able to deny a sin nor will you be able to find a reward.
  14. In this very difficult and appalling situation, the Beloved of Allah Ta'ala, Hazrat Muhammad Mustapha (sallal laahu alaihi wassallam) will help. He will perform intercession for his believers.


  1. The Holy Prophet's (sallal laahui alaihi wasallam) intercession will be in many different forms.
  2. Many people, with the intercession of the Holy Prophet (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam), will go into Jannat (Paradise) without being judged.
  3. Many people who should have been in Dozakh (Hell), will be saved from going into Dozakh with the assistance of the Holy Prophet's (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) intercession.
  4. Those sinful Muslims who will have reached Dozakh will come back out with the assistance of the intercession of the Holy Prophet (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam). The Holy Prophet (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) will also perform intercession for the Jannatis and raise their grades.
  5. The Holy Prophet (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) has stated that seventy thousand people will enter Jannat without questioning and each one of the seventy thousand will take another seventy thousand with them, and the latter will each take three huge groups with them but the amount per group has not been specified.


  1. Except for the Holy Prophet (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam), the rest of the Prophets, the Sahabis (companions of the Holy Prophet sallal laahu alaihi wasallam), the Ulema (Islamic Scholars), the Awliya (Friends of Allah), the Shuhadaa (Martyrs), the Huffaz-e-Quran (one who has learnt the Quran off by heart and follows it's orders) and the Hujjaz (those who have had their pilgrimage accepted by Allah Ta'ala) will all also perform intercession.
  2. People will remind their Ulema of the deeds that are in connection with them. If someone gave water to an Aalim to perform Wudhu (ablution) then he will remind him or of it and ask for intercession in return. They will then perform intercession for him.
  3. This Day of Qiyamat will be equivalent to fifty thousand years long. It's difficulties will be too much to withstand, but it will be made so light for the Prophets, Awliya and the pious, just as the same time it takes to pray a Fardh Salaah. For some, it will be even less, equivalent to a blink of the eyelid the whole day will finish!
  4. The biggest gift that Muslims will be given on that day will be seeing Allah Ta'ala Himself.


  1. Jannat (Paradise) and Dozakh (Hell) are facts and those who reject it are Kaafirs. Both Jannat and Dozakh have been made and are present at the moment. It is not so that they will be created after the Day of Resurrection.
  2. Qiyamat (the Day of Destruction), Hashr (the Day of Resurrection), Sawaab (Reward), Azaab (Punishment), Jannat (Paradise) and Dozakh (Hell) are all true, as Muslims believe them. Therefore, those who believe them as facts but have a different definition for them, for example, to say that "reward" means to be happy when seeing your good deeds, and "sin" means to be sad when seeing your bad deeds, and "Hashr" will be only for souls and not the body, etc. then this is really rejecting all the above. Therefore, such persons are rejecters and those who are rejecters are Kaafirs.
  3. Qiyamat will definitely happen and those who reject this belief are also Kaafirs.
  4. Hashr will be for both the soul and the body. Those who say that only the souls will wake up and that the body will not come back to life are also Kaafirs.
  5. Whichever soul belonged to whichever body will be reconnected. It is not true that a new body will be created and the soul will be put into that new body. If all the parts of the body after death have been spread everywhere or have become food for animals, Allah Ta'ala will join them again and it will come back alive on the Day of Resurrection.
  6. "Hisaab" meaning Judgement or accounting of deeds is also a fact and those who reject this are also Kaafirs.