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Ramadan 2009 (The Holy Month)


Surah UnKaboot

Surah Un-Kaboot means the Spider. It was revealed in Makkah Shareef. This Surah explains the status of unjust exploitations of the weak and needy by power holders for their personal benefit. Just as the parasite spider waving her cobweb to entrap the other insects to suck there blood or to swallow them alive.

In the same way as the spider, the so called high gentry of poor countries have the base on unjust black money. The riches and extensive properties of so called higher classes are based on tax evasion and drug money laundering, banks, frauds and smuggling. Black marketers, corrupt officials, fraudulent bureaucrats, money grabbing politicians and the exploiter industrialists join hands with people in power being feudal lords or imperial forces. All of them extract, exploit and suck the blood of masses like the spider.

The people in the sea of poverty are kept in there unjust economic clutches, even though they are as fragile as is the spider cobweb. The believers in Islam as poorer classes often face problems in there active life, as them being righteous and straight forward people, end up being in the hands of the cruel exploiters. Their confidence has been reposed through this Surah that they have selected a right course of action to help establish a pious society.

No evil corrupt, unjust and cruel forces of exploitation should deter them. Such corrupt and unjust cruel will face ultimate sweep like the cobweb of the spider which is defaced even by air or is smashed by an animal. Allah (S.W.T) loves those believers who surmount all difficulties caused by exploiters, these believers will succeed to establish the just and equitable system practiced by the Holy Prophet (S.A.W) as prescribed by Allah (S.W.T).

The disbelievers, pagans, idolaters and enemies of Islam bank up on there armies, weaponry, super webbed power network and mutual co-operation in exploitation of Muslims. They thus try to block the march of Islam and pose hurdles in the way of Muslims. They can not achieve success if Muslims remain steadfast. Such so called exploiters and unjust superpowers have the same fragile position in front of Allah (S.W.T) as is of the weakest cobweb of the spider. Their exploitation is to face divine disaster.

This Surah stresses the believers to remain righteous, straight forward, pious, benevolent and sincere. The religion of Allah (S.W.T) is the only way to be successful in becoming a good Muslim to get the bounties and bestowments of Allah (S.W.T).