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Ramadan 2009 (The Holy Month)


Surah Al Fataha

The title of this Surah has been selected from Verse 1 which means Victory. It was in the 6th year of Hijra that the Holy Prophet (S.A.W), with His 1400 Companions wanted to perform Umrah. The idolators and pagans of Makkah under the Quraish leadership did not allow them to do so, rather the Muslims were forced to undergo such conciliation treaty which is called Sulha Hudaybia.

The Muslims had to return to Madina Shareef without performing Umrah, but this treaty of Hudaybia became an event of great success for Islam to enter Makkah-tull-Mukarramah victorious without shedding a single drop of blood. Victory was achieved two years later in 8th Hijra with the peaceful conquest of Makkah. This is how Allah (S.W.T) has given this Surah the classifacation of Al-Fataha to always commemorate the treaty of Hudaybia as it was great success for the early Muslims.

Surah Fataha gives the prophecy of victory to the Muslims in all circumstances. They will achieve success in all the matters if they remain steadfast and piously straightforward. They always remain ready to fight the evils with profound belief in Allah (S.W.T) and maintain great respect of the Holy Prophet (S.A.W), following His (S.A.W) best model.

Sayyiduna Abdullah Ibn Umar (R.A) has said, “Those who are desirous of following anyone should follow the Sahaba (R.A) who were the best of community, whose hearts were pure, whose wisdom was profound and who did not believe in the exhibition of outer life. They were people whom Allah (S.W.T) had selected his Nabi (S.A.W) and who extended His religion to the world. Therefore try to imitate their ways and manners for Allah (S.W.T), they were rightly guided people.”