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Ramadan 2009 (The Holy Month)


The Christian Challenge

A Christian King sent one of his people to Baghdad to test the Muslims on their belief in Allah (S.W.T). His misson was to ask the Muslims three questions. On arrival, he informed the Caliph (the Muslim ruler) of his quest.

The Caliph responded to the challenge by gathering the best Ulema’s (learned religious Scholars). The Christian climbed up the Mimbar (Pulpit) and addressed them, “If you are able to answer my questions then this bag of money is yours, if not I will return as I came.”

He then proceeded to ask the questions. The Christian asked, “What came before Allah?, Which direction is Allah's face?, and What does He (Allah (S.W.T)) do?”

The Ulema were dumbstruck. They had no idea on how to begin answering these questions because no one had ever asked them these type of questions. Hazrat Imam Azam Abu Hanifa (R.A), who at the time was only a child, was also at the gathering accompanied by His father. He asked His father's permission to speak but was told to remain quiet. In His eagerness to defend Islam He stood up and asked the permission of the Caliph to answer the questions.

Imam Azam Abu Hanifa (R.A) was duly given permission and asked the Christian, “Are you the questioner or the one questioned?”. The Christian replied, “The questioner”. Hazrat Abu Hanifa (R.A) replied “Then you should be standing where I am and I should be sitting where you are.” The Christian came down and Hazrat Abu Hanifa (R.A) climbed the pulpit and said “Now question”.

The Christian asked, “What came before Allah?” Hazrat Imam -e Azam (R.A) said, “Do you know how to count?” The Christian replied; “Yes”. Hazrat Abu Hanifa (R.A) then said, “Count”. The Christian began to count “1, 2, 3”. It was at this point that Hazrat Imam Azam Abu Hanifa (R.A) interrupted the Christian, and asked, “What comes before 1?” The Christian replied; “The numbers begin with 1, there is nothing before 1”. Hazrat Abu Hanifa (R.A) then said, “If there is nothing before this metaphorical 1 then how can there be anything before The Real 1”.

As for your second question; “In which direction is Allah's (S.W.T) face?”, “When you light a candle in front of you, which direction is its face?” The Christian replied; “That is light, equal in all four directions”. Hazrat Abu Hanifa (R.A) replied; “So if metaphoric light is in all four directions, then the light of the heavens and earth is more worthy; meaning if somebody as clever as you cannot work out the direction of the face of the candle, which is a creation, then how can we work out the direction of The Face of The Creator, as He is limitless”.

Hazrat Imam Azam Abu Hanifa (R.A) moved onto answering the third and final question, “As for your third question; What is Allah doing?”, “When He found an assimilator like yourself on the pulpit, He (S.W.T) made him descend, and when he found a monotheist like myself standing on the ground, He (S.W.T) made him sit on the pulpit”.

It was at this point that the humiliated Christian made a quick exit leaving the money behind.