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Ramadan 2008 (The Blessed Month)


Scientific Benefits of Fast

Fasting in the month of Ramadan is an integral part of Islam. Fasting also plays a major role in many of the major religions, including Judaism and Christianity. Many are uncertain as to whether the physiological effects are as beneficial as the spiritual promoted by these religions.

The physical benefits of fasting are that, when you fast you allow your body system to rest and repair itself. It allows your body time to flush out toxic matter that has built up over the years, increased insulin sensitivity, stress resistance, reduced morbidity. It actually revives and rejuvenates the millions of cells in your body. It improves circulation, stamina and strength and repairs all the damaged organs during a fast.

The changes that occur in the body in response to fasting depend on the length of the continuous fast. Technically the body enters into a fasting state eight hours or so after the last meal, when the gut finishes absorption of nutrients from the food. In the normal state, body glucose, which is stored in the liver and muscles, is the body’s main source of energy. During a fast, this store of glucose is used up first to provide energy.

As the Ramadan fast only extends from dawn till dusk, there is ample opportunity to replenish energy stores at pre-dawn and dusk meals. This provides a progressive, gentle transition from using glucose to fat as the main source of energy, and prevents the breakdown of muscle for protein. The use of fat for energy aids weight loss, preserving the muscles, and in the long run reduces your cholesterol levels. In addition, weight loss results in better control of diabetes and reduces blood pressure. A detoxification process also seems to occur, as any toxins stored in the body’s fat are dissolved and removed from the body.

From the above we can clearly conclude that Islam has provided us with a perfect system to purify our bodies, both spiritually and physically.

In Ramadan there are endless amount of Allah (S.W.T)’s blessings, and they come in various forms, the removal of poisonous chemicals & self repair of the body is one of them.