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Ramadan 2008 (The Blessed Month)


Taraweeh Prayer

To offer twenty Rakaats of Taraweeh Prayer on each night of Ramadan is Sunnah al-Mu'akkidah on every healthy male and female. Our Beloved Prophet (S.A.W) said: “The one who offers Taraweeh Prayer at night during Ramadan with complete faith and devotion only for the recompense of the Hereafter will have all his previous sins forgotten by Allah” (Bukhari Shareef).

Hazrat Abdr Rahman bin Auf (R.A) reports that Rasoolullah (S.A.W) said:“Verily Allah has made the Fast of Ramadan compulsory upon you, and I have made its Salah (at night) Sunnah for you. Therefore, whosoever Fasts and performs Taraweeh in this month with faith and hope for reward, emerges from his sins like the day he was born.” (Nasaai 239/1)

This Hadith proves that Taraweeh Salah is the Sunnah of Rasoolullah (S.A.W).

In addition to this Hadith of the Holy Prophet (S.A.W) we also have His (S.A.W) practice of the Taraweeh Salah, which further emphasises the Sunnah nature of Taraweeh.

The time for Taraweeh Prayer starts after Isha Salah and lasts till the break of dawn. It should be offered after the Fard and Sunnah of Isha, but before the Witr Salah. After every four Rakaats it is Mustahab (desirable) to sit for a duration to recite this Tasbeeh :

“Subhaana Dhil-Mulke w'al-Ma'lakoot, Subhaana Dhil-izate w'al-Azamate w'al-Haybate w'al-Qudrate w'al-Kibriyaa-ai w'al-Jaba'root, Subhaa'nal ma-li-kil Hayyil'Ladhi La'Yanaa-mu Wa'la yamootu Subbu Hun Quddu-sun Rab'onaa wa-Rabbul ma-'Laa'-i-kati War'ruh, Alla-Humma A'Jirnaa Mi'Nan'naar, Yaa Mujeero Ya Mujeero Ya Mujeer.”

" All Glory and Perfection belong to Allah and free is He (from all defects), the Sovereign of the Seen and the Unseen Kingdom. All Glory and Perfection is due to Allah and free is the Lord's Might, Greatness, Reverence, Power, Majesty and Omnipotence from all defects. All Glory and Perfection belong to Him and Free is He the Sovereign who does not sleep neither die from all defects. He is verily the all Gracious and the most Holy, the all perfect, the Lord of the Spirit and Angels. "

If one is unable to recite the above Tasbeeh he could alternatively recite the Kalima Shahadah, recite Durood Shareef or participate in any other form of Zikr.