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Ramadan 2012 (Spiritual Guides)

Hazrat Hamzah (R.A)

Hazrat Hamzah (R.A) is the paternal Uncle of the Holy Prophet (S.A.W), He (R.A) embraced Islam in 2nd year of the Prophetic Call. Hazrat Hamzah (R.A) served and helped the Prophet (S.A.W) until being Martyred. He (R.A) took part in Hijrat from Makkah to Madina Shareef." (Allamah Ibn-e-Hajar - Funn-e-Rijjar, Allamah Ibn-e Athir - Asad-ul-Ghalibah, Vol. II, p.46)

One day, the Beloved Prophet (S.A.W) was sitting on the mount of Safa, Abu Jahl, whose heart was burning with the enmity and malice for the Holy Prophet (S.A.W), passed by and started taunting Rasoolullah (S.A.W). Holy Prophet (S.A.W) being the perfect example of patience and dignity remained quite indifferent to him. Seeing that Holy Prophet (S.A.W), the best of creation, is not retaliating, Abu Jahl flared and hit on the blessed head of the Beloved Prophet (S.A.W) with his baton. The Messenger of Allah (S.A.W) didn’t even sigh, upon this barbaric assault.

After exhaling his smoke of hate, Abu Jahl arrogantly went away to his admirers, who were sitting in the Haram of Kaabah. The Beloved Prophet (S.A.W) also afterwards, retired to his home very quietly. The house of Abdullah bin Judan was situated near the Safa and one of his slave girls observed the occurrence.

On that very day, Hazrat Hamzah (R.A) was returning back with pleasure from hunting. He (R.A) was in the habit to first go round the Kaabah and then go to his residence, after returning from his expeditions. On his way to Haram, the slave girl informed him of the miseries Abu Jahl had inflicted upon his nephew saying: "Oh Abu Ammarah! Today Abu Jahl maltreated your nephew, called him names and when he kept quiet, he drained his blood by beating him harshly."

Hazrat Hamzah (R.A) flared to hear the incident. His (R.A) disposition changed altogether; he went rightly to the core of the crowd, all down casting their heads, whereas Abu Jahl was sitting with vanity and pride.

Hazrat Hamzah (R.A) without saying a word inflicted the injuries on the head of Abu Jahl with his arc in his hands and then he said, "O Abu Jahl! How dare you call names to my nephew, despite, I have accepted Islam? If you are bold enough, do come and stop me, if you can?"

The people of Banu Makhzoom became furious to see the insolence and contempt of their chief, they wanted to retaliate against Hazrat Hamzah (R.A), but Abu Jahl, very deviously stopped them as he was fully aware that the foxes were unable to combat with the lion. Therefore, said to his men, "Don't touch Abu Ammarah, by God! I was at fault, for I maltreated his nephew."

Hazrat Hamzah (R.A) conversion caused fear and awe of Islam in the hearts of the pagans. They were forced to reduce their tyrannies and torments.