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Ramadan 2012 (Spiritual Guides)

Hazrat Khubaib (R.A) Part 2

When the Holy Prophet (S.A.W) was informed by Allah's (S.W.T) Wahi concerning the Shahaadat of Hazrat Khubaib (R.A), He (S.A.W) said to the Sahabah (R.A), "Whoever amongst you can bring back the body of Hazrat Khubaib (R.A) from the cross on which he was killed, shall earn for himself an abode (residence) in Jannah."

Hearing this, Hazrat Zubair bin Awwam (R.A) and Hazrat Miqdaad bin Aswad (R.A) endured travelling day and night to reach a place called Taneem, the area in which the crucifixion had taken place. Forty Kuffaar were guarding the cross where Hazrat Khubaib's (R.A) body was.

With great bravery and stealthily, the blessed body of Hazrat Khubaib (R.A) was then taken off the cross by Hazrat Zubair and Miqdaad (R.A). The blessed body was then placed on the horse and swiftly left. Despite Forty days having passed since the Martyrdom of Hazrat Khubaib (R.A), the body remained fresh and bled fresh blood.

In the morning, 70 soldiers on fast horses departed for the two Companions (R.A) and came within close proximity. Seeing that they were going to be arrested by them, Hazrat Zubair (R.A) and Miqdaad (R.A) took the body of Hazrat Khubaib (R.A) off the horse and placed it on the ground. The ground immediately split apart and took in the body, there after rejoining with no trace of it being once open. As a result, the title of Hazrat Khubaib (R.A) is "The one whom the earth had swallowed."

The Two Sahabah (R.A) then said to the Kuffaar, "We are two lions returning home. If you have the courage to stop us then do so. If not, leave us alone." When the Kuffaar saw that they did not have any body in their possession, they turned around and headed back to Makkah.

The Companions (R.A) then returned to Madina Shareef and informed the Holy Prophet (S.A.W) of what had happened. Hazrat Jibraeel (A.S) was present in Rasoolullah's (S.A.W) court at the time and said, "O Prophet of Allah (S.W.T) we Angels are proud of the service your two Companions (R.A) have performed." (Madaarij,Vol.2, Pg. 141)