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Ramadan 2012 (Spiritual Guides)

Hazrat Khubaib (R.A) Part 1

In the early period of Islam, the Sahabah Ikraam (R.A) went through great suffering and torture in the hands of the Kuffaar (non-believers). In many cases the torture was carried out by their own families. Hazrat Khubaib (R.A) was amongst the Sahabahs who was also tortured and ultimately gave his life for the cause of Deen.

Both major and minor battles between the Muslims and disbelievers had occurred during the fourth year after Hijrat (Migration). 

Sometime after the battles of Badr and Uhud had taken place, Hazrat Khubaib (R.A) was captured by the Kuffaar and taken to Makkah Shareef. This was due to the fact that Hazrat Khubaib (R.A) killed Haarith bin Aamir in the Battle of Uhud and was thus brought to his sons so that they could kill him and avenge the death of their father.

Hazrat Khubaib (R.A) was kept as a prisoner for a few days and later brought to the precincts of the Haram of the Kaaba to be crucified.

The Sahaabi (R.A) asked the disbelievers if he could read two rakaats of Salaah, and after being given permission to do so, read his Salaah in a concise manner and said:

“Kuffaar! My desire is to perform an extended Salaah as it is my last but I’ve made it concise as I do not wish for you to think that I had taken a long time reading Salaah due to the fear of death.”

After being crucified by the Kuffaar, he read the following couplets,

“I don’t fear for the way in which I am killed, as long as I’m a Muslim”

“The sacrifice of my life is for Allah (S.W.T) if he wishes, He may bestow Barkah (Blessing) upon the parts cut off my body”

The son of Haarith bin Aamir (Abu Sarooah) had made Hazrat Khubaib (R.A) Shaheed, though look at the glory of Allah (S.W.T) that both Abu Sarooah and his two other brothers, Uqbaa and Hajeer, in time accepted Islam and were granted the excellence of being Holy Prophet's (S.A.W) Sahabah (R.A). (Bukhari Shareef, Vol 2, Page 569 & Zarqaani, Vol 2, Page 64-78)