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Ramadan 2013 (Spiritual Guides)

Hazrat Abdullah (R.A)

No father on the earth can be more fortunate than Hazrat Abdullah (R.A). He is the father of the most elevated personality for whom Allah (S.W.T) created the Universe. He is the father of our beloved Prophet (S.A.W).

Hazrat Abdullah (R.A) was the youngest and the most beloved son of Hazrat Abdul Mutalib (R.A), He (R.A) had the Noor of Rasoolullah (S.A.W) illuminating from his forehead. Hazrat Abdullah (R.A) was matchless in beauty and also possessed excellent manners. The young beautiful women of Quraish were all interested in marrying him.

Some women went to the extent that they offered one hundred camels to be slaughtered in recompense (payment) of Hazrat Abdullah (R.A) just to have his proximity. He (R.A) refused these girls saying “Death is better than doing a forbidden act, I do not see legitimacy in it. I cannot accept what you propose, for a gentleman always protects his honour and faith”.

Hazrat Abdullah (R.A)’s father Hazrat Abdul Mutalib (R.A) desired a woman for him with not only physical beauty, but piety and a righteous family background as well.

Hazrat Abdullah (R.A) was already recognised by the Jews of Syria to be the father of the final messenger, deduced from signs found in their Holy Book.
They constantly tried to kill him but were unsuccessful.

One day a group intending to kill Hazrat Abdullah (R.A), followed him when he went into the jungle for hunting. However, Allah (S.W.T) saved him from their evil by sending some unworldly creation to protect him (R.A). They drove this group of Jews away and Hazrat Abdullah (R.A) returned safely back home.

When Hazrat Wahab bin Munaaf (R.A), who was also present in the jungle, witnessed this, he immediately began to admire Hazrat Abdullah (R.A) and returned to his house intending to marry his beautiful daughter Sayyidah Amina (R.A) to him. He sent a marriage proposal to Hazrat Abdul Mutalib (R.A) via one of his friends.

The qualities Hazrat Abdul Mutalib (R.A) were searching for in a wife for his son were precisely those inherent in Sayyidah Amina (R.A). The proposal was accepted and Hazrat Abdullah (R.A) married Sayyidah Amina (R.A) at the age of 24. The Noor-e-Muhammadi (S.A.W) was now transferred to Hazrate Sayyidah Amina (R.A).

Once Hazrat Abdul Mutalib (R.A) sent Hazrat Abdullah (R.A) to Madina on a business trip. On his way back, He (R.A) fell ill and stayed with his maternal family, the Banu Adi bin Hajaar. At the age of 25 Hazrat Abdullah (R.A), passed away in Yathrib (now known as Madina Munawwara) and was buried in Darun-Nabiya. (Zarqaani, Vol.1,Pg.101 & Madaarij,Vol.2,Pg.14)