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Ramadan 2013 (Spiritual Guides)

Hazrat Umaru bin Utbah Al Salimi (R.A)

Hazrat Umaru (R.A) narrates his (R.A) own event on how he converted to Islam. He (R.A) states, "Even in the age of ignorance I was annoyed of the idols of my nation. To worship such idols which are unable to cause you harm or benefit was a thing most nonsense to me.

I asked from a learnered person of another religion, as to which religion was the best. He told me that very soon a man would appear in Makkah who would announce his revulsion of the idols of his nation and call people to the only One God. The religion he would bring, would be the best religion amongst all. He further enjoined me to follow the man when he appeared.

I did not have any assignment in Makkah but I visited there very frequently, to get information about the promised Prophet, but when I was informed in negative, I always came back. On the road to Makkah which passed through our territory, I used to sit and ask the passers-by about the same.

One day, a caravan passed thereby and answering to my question, a man told me that there appeared a person in Makkah who was sick of the idols his nation worshiped and he called the people to worship the only One God. Listening to him, my pleasure crossed the limits. I was happy for I had got my aim; I made preparations for my journey and immediately left for Makkah. I put my luggage over my abode and went into quest of the person who was secretly preaching people the Oneness of Allah (S.W.T).

The Quraish were in His (S.A.W) opposition, so I reached the place with great difficulty, He (S.A.W) was teaching His disciples. I asked Him as to who He was? He told me, He was the Prophet of Allah (S.W.T). I enquired as to what was a Prophet? He said, the Prophet was commissioned by God to guide people. I asked who commissioned you as the Prophet, He said, "Allah (S.W.T)!" I asked what the Message Allah appointed you to disseminate?"

He (S.A.W) replied, "Allah (S.W.T) sent me to guide you: to treat the relatives nicely, to avoid bloodshed, to maintain the routes tranquil, to perish the idols and to worship Allah (S.W.T) and not to partake with Him any partners." Upon hearing this, I supplicated: It is the best invitation and I bear witness to it that I brought faith in you and testify upon you.

Then I asked whether I should return back home or remain in His (S.A.W) presence, what is your will your honour?" The Prophet exclaimed, you have observed how the people treat us here, you must go back to your land for the time being. When you hear I have left Makkah, you must join me then."

After some period I heard the Prophet (S.A.W) had migrated to Madina Shareef, I reached there and said, "Ya Rasoolullah! Do you recognise me?" "Yes", He (S.A.W) replied, "You are Salimi, you visited me at Makkah and I had advised you so and so." I then I asked, 'Ya Rasoolullah! Which are the moments of acceptance of the Dua? The Prophet (S.A.W) replied:

"The later part of the half of the night, and the time of offering the prayer for the Angels come there and that is also the time for acceptance of Dua"