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Ramadan 2013 (Spiritual Guides)

Hazrat Sa’d Bin Muaaz (R.A)

During the battle of Khandaq (Battle of Trench), Hazrat Sa’d bin Muaaz (R.A)sustained an aggressive injury. An arrow had severed a main artery which needed immediate attention. Hazrat Sa’d bin Muaaz (R.A) was kept in a tent which was erected in Madina Shareef, so he could be treated by Hazrate Rafida bint Sa'd al-Aslamia (R.A) and also because Holy Prophet (S.A.W) could visit him regularly.

Hazrate Rafida bint Sa'd al-Aslamia (R.A) was an excellent surgeon and she gave her medical services free of charge to the wounded of war. She lived very near the Mosque. Every effort was made to successfully treat Hazrat Sa’d bin Muaaz (R.A) but time had come for him to leave this temporary life. He (R.A) passed away 25 days after the retreat of the pagan's army.

The body of Hazrat Sa’d bin Muaaz (R.A) was brought to his own home. Ghusl was given by Hazrat Harith bin Aus (R.A), Hazrat Usaid bin Huzair (R.A) and Hazrat Salmah bin Salamah (R.A), in presence of Holy Prophet (S.A.W).

The funeral procession was led by the Holy Prophet (S.A.W). Hazrat Sa’d bin Muaaz (R.A) blessed body was lowered in the grave of Janathul Baqi.

To see the burial of the lion hearted son, his mother came to the grave and said: "O light of my eyes! I keep patience on your departure hoping the reward from God."

The Beloved Prophet (S.A.W) consoled her; the grave was filled, levelled, and then water was sprinkled on it. The Prophet (S.A.W) prayed for him standing by his grave. (Amta Al-Asma, Vol. 1 p.197)

The night Hazrat Sa’d (R.A) passed away, Hazrat Jibrail (A.S) wearing a flowery turban appeared before the Prophet (S.A.W). He asked as to who had passed away because the gates of the heavens were opened for him and the heavens swung with pleasure. The Prophet (S.A.W) told him he was Sa’d.

Hazrat Ibn-e-Umar (R.A) narrates that the Prophet (S.A.W) said that “On the eve of Sa’d’s death seventy thousand such Angels descended on the earth that have never descended on the earth as before”. (Ibid p. 246-249)