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How to perform Ghusl

The proper method of ghusl (ritual bath) involves the following steps:

1. Make the niyyah (intention) to perform ghusl for purification.

2. Wash your private parts thoroughly with water.

3. Perform wuzu (ablution) except for washing of your feet, which you can do later while bathing the body.

4. Wash the entire body, starting with right side, followed by the left.

5. It is preferred that the whole body be washed three times. The minimum is once.

Having completed the above, you are considered eligible to perform the salah (prayer).

There are Three Farz (Compulsory acts) of Ghusl : -

1. To rinse the mouth in such a manner that water reaches the entire mouth.

2. To rinse the nostrils thoroughly.

3. To completely wet the whole body.

When one performs these Farz, intentionally or unintentionally Ghusl will be valid.

There are Seven Sunnahs of Ghusl:

1. Washing hands up to the wrists.

2. Washing the private parts and the parts over which uncleanliness is found.

3. Niyyat of washing off Hukmi Najaasat (Impurities).

4. Making Wuzu before washing the body.

5. To massage water up the body like oil.

6. To pour the water on the right shoulder then the left and then the head.

7. Then passing water cover the whole body thrice.

Rules Whilst Making Ghusl:

1. Ghusl should be made in a place of total privacy.

2. One should not face the Qibla whilst making Ghusl.

3. Ghusl may he performed standing or seated, preferably seated.

4. Use sufficient water. Do not skimp nor be wasteful.

5. Abstain from speaking whilst performing Ghusl.

6. It is better not to read any Kalma or Aayah while bathing.

Some of the things that break Ghusl are:

1. Wet dream with semen discharge.

2. Having sexual intercourse.

3. Release of sperm with pleasure. If jumped from a higher place or lifted heavier stuff which caused sperm to discharge, Ghusl is not Wajib but the Wuzu will break.

4.Haiz (monthly period for women).

5. Nafaas ( The release of blood after a woman gives birth).