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Everything that we have and own,
And all the favours we are shown,
Which we normally hold so dear,
Must be purified once a year.

For we are all just Trustees now,
Possessions are not ours somehow,
But Allah gave them for a while,
For all of us this is a trial.

So let us give the poor their due,
Which is a duty, that is true,
One of the Pillars or Arkaan,
Which do support our Imaan.

The traveler and the one in debt,
As well as destitute can get,
The benefit of Zakaat which leads,
To purity of wealth and deeds.

The receiver and the giver of aid,
All feel good when Zakaat is paid,
And society as a whole will be,
Enriched by acts of charity.

So one thing we must understand,
It's always good to lend a hand,
For Zakaat uplifts us all my friend,
And everyone benefits in the end.