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Ramadan 2011 (Seeking The Truth)


Shia Sect

One of the most dangerous deviated groups today are the Shia Sect. Their lies have demolished the belief of many Muslims. The reason for this is that the main message the Shia Sect tries to spread to Muslims is to attack well known Islamic personalities. They attack the Sahaba Iqraam (R.A), especially the first two Caliphs of Islam and accuse them of being unjust, Munafiqeen or even Kafir.

Shia’s regard Hazrat Ali (R.A) as the second most important figure after Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W). According to them, Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W) suggested on various occasions during His (S.A.W)’s lifetime that Hazrat Ali (R.A) should be the leader of Muslims after His (S.A.W)’s demise.

Apart from what is mentioned above, we have listed further misguided Shia beliefs:-

Allah often lies and does mistakes. (Usool-e-kaafi, page 328, yaqoob kulaini, vol 1).

Abu Bakr is kafir and the one who loves Abu Bakr is also kafir. (Faq-ul-yaqeen, page 690, Baqar majlisi).

When Imam Mehdi comes he will make alive Aa'ishah from death and whip her. (Tafseer saafi, line 16, page 108).

The person who says that the present Quran is complete is a liar because the “complete Quran” was compiled by Hazrat Ali. (Fasl-ul-khitaab fee tahreef kitaab rab-ul-arbab, page 4, Noori Tibri).

Real Quran that is compiled by Hazrat Ali will come with Imam Mehdi. (Anwar-ul-nomania, page 360).

Abu Bakr was Mushrik, Umar was Munafiq and Usman was Kafir. (Shia’an-e-ali aur inn kee shaan, page 54, ghulam husain najfi).

All the Prophets and Angels are the slaves of the 12 Imams except Mohammad (S.A.W). (kaleed manaazra, page 35, barkat ali).

Part of respecting and obeying the Holy Prophet (S.A.W) consists in respecting and obeying His (S.A.W) Companions. It is imperative for us Muslims to show the utmost respect towards them and hold them in the highest esteem.

In the Quran, Allah (S.W.T) states “Certainly, Allah was pleased with the believers when they were swearing allegiance to you under the tree (Byite-Ridhwan) (For Uthman the 3rd Caliph), and He knew what were in their hearts. So He sent down on them tranquillity and rewarded them with expeditious victory (of Sulh Haudybia-the great agreement near Makkah in 6AH).(Part 26, Surah Al-Fateh, Verse 18)