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Ramadan 2011 (Seeking The Truth)


Understanding Tauheed and Shirk

The Being of the Almighty Allah is indeed One. It is only those who are ignorant and persist on being ignorant who say that it is Shirk when one talks about certain qualities which the servants of Allah (S.W.T) possess.

The meaning of Tauheed

The meaning of "Tauheed" is to believe that there is no Partner to Allah (S.W.T) in His Being and in His Attributes. In other words, if any person believes on the contrary, then his belief would constitute Shirk.
We should remember that the Attributes of Allah (S.W.T, among others, include the act of Listening, Seeing and Possessing Knowledge.

After we have understood the meaning of Tauheed, the natural question that arises is, if knowledge, which is one of the Attributes of Allah (S.W.T), is ascribed for another individual, will this really mean that we are guilty of Shirk?

We know that Listening and Seeing are also among the Attributes of Allah (S.W.T). If we prove these very attributes for another individual, will this also be Shirk?

In the very same manner, the Attributes of Living is also among the Attributes of Allah (S.W.T). If we ascribe this attribute for another individual will we again be guilty of Shirk?

No! Do not be deceived by those who hope to mislead you. You should remember that indeed Almighty Allah possesses the Attribute of "Living", yet He (S.W.T) has, through His Mercy, bestowed upon His creation this very quality.

The attribute of living though, which we relate to ourselves, is not the same Attribute of Living as we relate to Allah (S.W.T). The difference is that His Attribute of Living is Eternal and non-bestowed, while the attribute of living which we possess is one which we have been bestowed with by Allah (S.W.T) and is temporary and non-eternal.

If this principle and law is applied to all qualities and attributes, then the question of Shirk will never arise. It is simple, yet, as we have mentioned earlier, those people whose sole aim is to deprive Islam of its peace and harmony, intentionally make it difficult so that the simple minded Muslims become confused and misguided.