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Ramadan 2011 (Seeking The Truth)


The Concept of Haazir-o-Naazir used for the Prophet (S.A.W) Part 1

Some people believe that Allah (S.W.T) is "Omnipresent", that is, Allah (S.W.T) is Present and Over-looking at every time and at every place. They believe Allah (S.W.T) to be "Haazir" and "Naazir".

This is not true, as Allah (S.W.T) is not bound by time and space. Allah (S.W.T) is Present and Seeing from eternity without time and without space.

All of Allah (S.W.T)’s attributes, such as, Life, Knowledge, Power and Speech, are without time and without place. Allah (S.W.T)’s attributes always exists and will continue to exist till eternity.

There is a great difference between Allah (S.W.T) being Present and the souls of His creation being present. No one is present like Allah (S.W.T) being Present.

The Angels, the souls of Prophets, the souls of the Awliya Allah and the souls of pious Muslims are present at any place where they are called. They were non-existent, before being present. They will seize to exist after a while. The souls of the creation were absent before it became present there, and will be absent some time later. The presence of the souls is with time and with place.

The meaning of Haazir and Naazir is explained below:

HAAZIR-To be present (physically or spiritually, i.e. in being)

NAAZIR-To see or behold with ones own eyes (from near or afar)

Note very carefully, that to be truly present and seeing one must be 'Aware' and 'Understand' what one sees.

To illustrate, a person named Zaid is in his home watching the live Jum'a broadcast from Makkah Shareef. Then it follows that Zaid is Haazir (physically), at his home, and Zaid is Naazir (seeing events) in his home and in Makkah Shareef. Now Zaid saw with his own eyes the Imaam lead the Jum'a prayer in Makkah Shareef, although Zaid was sitting in London.

Added to the fact that, while sitting in London Zaid observed the events in Makkah Shareef, Zaid needs two more abilities to become a WITNESS to this event, i.e. Zaid must be AWARE of what he sees & hears, as well as UNDERSTAND the event fully.

Therefore, when Zaid satisfies the conditions of being present and seeing, together with the ability to comprehend the event in front of him, Zaid may be called upon as a WITNESS to that event.