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1002 What should a girl do if she is raped?
It is absolutely imperative that she informs the people closest to her immediately and not keep it bottled up inside her, feeling self pity and regret. It is important that she understands that a violation has been breached towards her and in no way should she blame herself or try to justify it in anyway.

She should go to the local hospital accompanied by a family member/ friend for treatment and report the assault. Here she will be able to get all the necessary help she requires.

If the rape took place some time ago and she has just come to terms with it and/or she is aware as to who assaulted her then she needs to contact / seek advice from the local Police Station and/ or local Masjid (contacting with a qualified Alim (expert in Shariah Law)), who will be able to provide a confidential counseling service.

(Answered by: Hafiz Mohammed Akhtar)
Category (Women)