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1010 Someone swore at my mum because she was wearing a Burka and he was an old English bloke, and I ignored him because I thought if I say something it will more than likely get out of hand, was I right in ignoring him or should I have had said something knowing it will turn into a nasty argument?
This was absolutely the right thing to do. As Muslims we need to show that we live our life in accordance to Islam. Islam teaches us to be tolerant, patient, forgiving and adopt the best of manner.

By not retaliating, not only did you stop things from escalating but also you may of indirectly educated the individual regarding what his perception was towards Muslims in general and that his actions towards your mother was wrong. He may in future refrain himself as he did not get the response he was looking for.

(Answered by: Hafiz Mohammed Akhtar)
Category (Islam / Muslims)