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1017 My question is about my sister's Marriage. My father forced her to get married to his brother's Son. My sister was with her husband for a year but it didn't work out
and they got separated.

She is living with me since then. Now her husband wants to get married to another woman. He asked my sister's permission and she gave him a permission to get married. The problem is that we are in USA and her ex husband is in Pakistan.

He said when he went to do Nikkah with another woman, the Imam who was doing the Nikkah asked for written letter saying that she gave him a permission and they need a copies of my mother's and mine ID Card. Is there such thing like that? My sister told him that she could talk to IMAAM over the phone but they keep on insisting for the written letter. What do we do? And where do we get such letter?
This request from the ex-husband has no relevance in him remarrying. Either the ex-husband is telling you incorrect statements regarding the Imam or the Imam Saab has not understood what Shariah states, regarding remarriage.

In Islam there is no condition set for an ex-husband to seek permission from his ex-wife to remarry. In fact a Muslim man is allowed to have up to 4 wives in marriage at a time, obviously there are conditions attached to this, therefore divorce from first wife to marry second is not a Shari requirement, and an imam would not ask for this information. Baring this in mind there is no logical reason why the ex-husband would as for such documentation, unless he needs them for other reasons such as ownership of property, bank account transfers etc, in this case this is a different issue.

In short, without these documentations, his Nikkah will be allowed and valid.

(Answered by: Hafiz Mohammed Akhtar)
Category (Marriage / Divorce)