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1024 What do I do if I am in a marriage where I am not happy and do not love my husband and never have? I thought that as I got to know him in the years things would change but they have not, I care for him and was happy for first 2 yrs but the big problem is intimacy, I am not interested at all and just abide by it because it is my duty. This has caused major problems to the extent of contemplating divorce, or I’m considering letting him having another wife.
May Allah bring blessing in your relationship and make your house a loving Home.

Please try to read Ya Wa Du Du (Allah’s Sifat (name)) as often as possible. And ask for your righteous Duas from Allah Azawajal. Inshallah you will benefit from it. Reading Ya Wa Du Du increases love between husband and wife, also read Darood Shareef with regularity this brings uncountable blessing into your life. Furthermore recite the following:

Dua for Lack of Love Between Husband and Wife

If there is disagreement between husband and wife, recite Surah Al Roome (The Romans) (Surah 30) Ayah 21, 99 times and blow on a sweet dish for 3 days, which should be eaten by both of them. Inshallah love will prevail.

(Answered by: Hafiz Mohammed Akhtar)
Category (Marriage / Divorce)