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1026 What is your opinion about Tableeghi Jamaat I am really confused, please help me?
To answer this question I am solely relying on the beautiful enlightening article produced by the Imams Islamic Academy. It can be found on the following link:


Hope this article clears all your confusion.

Tableeghi Jamaat Exposed

The movement of Tableeghi Jamaat is being utilised by the enemies of Islam as an effective instrument in their struggle to prevent the emergence of a true Islamic movement in Europe and elsewhere in the world. Therefore, it is incumbent on all Muslims to disown it and discourage its activity in every way. The British were continually looking for ways of infiltrating and subverting Islam. They kept, through their comprehensive spy network, a very careful eye, on any new Muslim group and movement.

The Tableeghi Jamaat was set up under the British Rule in India. After closely watching the Jamaat for some time, the British realised that here was exactly what they were looking for, a movement that totally absorbed the energy of its members and yet did not threaten British domination in any way as the doctrine of Jihad was totally absent in this movement. They saw that instead of the Jamaat's directing their energies outwardly towards their legitimate Kaafir enemies, was now directed inwardly towards the rest of the Muslims. Therefore, it was a group that was allowed to flourish. This news was spread to other interested parties.

THEIR BRAND OF TRUE ISLAM: The book that is held by many among the Tableeghi Jamaat to be as important as the study of the Quran itself is the "Teachings of Islam." In "Teachings of Islam" the Jamaat says that there is "NO WAY to gain honour, happiness, peace and tranquility in this life OTHER THAN to adopt and firmly hold on to the work and system of Tabligh." This statement shows that the Tableeghi Jamaat wants to be an exclusive sect of Muslims, which excludes all other Muslims who do not follow its peculiar definition of what it means to convey the message of Islam, a definition which is clearly and erroneous and far removed from the one which Allah gives in the Quran. One can only conclude from this statement that all other Muslims are considered by them to be misguided.

If one reads through their five point action plan which the author of "Teachings of Islam" says that one must put into practice and "will automatically ensure the growth and expansion of Islam in its true form." He claims that this is the Prophetic method and was followed by their ancestors and early Muslims. If one looks deeply, this five point action plan meets the complete approval of the enemies of Islam, since there is no mention anywhere of anything which might even slightly inconvenience a Kaafir government. How different this is from the actual practice of the Prophet (S.A.W)!

From the day the Prophet (S.A.W) made his Prophet Hood public, the very people who held him in high regards became hostile to him. Whenever the message of Islam is truly conveyed, it strikes at the very roots of every other system with which it comes into contact. How different is the case with the Tableeghi Jamaat. The British Weekly, "The Economist", the mouthpiece of the Kufaar, in its article entitled "The Other Side of Islam" pays glowing tribute to the Tableeghi Jamaat, saying, "So long as such movements exist, and attract millions of Muslims, essential Islam remains alive and well." Even the Kaafir authorities positively welcome what is happening, as they clearly do in the case of the Tableeghi Jamaat, because they know that other than the true Islam is being propagated.

Their brand of true Islam only centres around Ijtima, Ghust, Chilla and Kitaab reading. To them, Moulood, Urs Celebrations, Esaale Sawaab, the Recitation of Salaams, visiting of the Mazaars of Awliya Allah, etc. are all Shirk and Bid'at.

TABLEEGHI JAMAATS ROLE IN KUFAAR COUNTRIES: The thousands of members of the Tableeghi Jamaat are utilising all their energy exclusively inwards towards other Muslims and leaves the Kaafir powers to pursue their Godless exploitation of the Muslims completely unimpeded. They have defined Jihad to be "spreading the Kalima of Allah and enforcing of Allah's Commandments." (Teachings of Islam). In the very same book, under the heading of "General Principles", the following point is made - "No controversial matter or points of secondary importance to be discussed at any time .... And confine all talk to the main points of Tabligh." Thus, a programme originally designed to ensure that the adherents of Tableeghi Jamaat did not come into conflict with the British authorities in India has now been extended to include all aspects of Kufaar domination in the world. The members of the Jamaat are actually forbidden to question it at all. No wonder the enemies of Islam are delighted.

This is the reason why the Tableeghi Jamaat moves freely in Kufaar countries in Europe and the rest of the world, while other Muslims are being imprisoned, tortured, and killed on a daily basis. In Israel, under Zionist control, the Jamaat is allowed free access to any part to do "Allah's Work" while Palestinian men, women and children, who are opposing Zionist rule, are tortured and killed.

It is also not surprising that under the Apartheid government in South Africa and under the cruel "State of Emergency" in which gatherings were restricted and carefully monitored under the vigilant eye of the then police force, the Ijtima's used to draw crowds of thousands of devotees - and there was not a single policeman in sight. It is obvious. With the type of Islam that they portrayed of being completely subservient to Kufaar politics and their rejection of Jihad in all its practical aspects, this Jamaat was not even considered as a threat. Not a word was uttered by the Jamaat's leaders condemning the then Apartheid regime. This is their policy throughout the world - do not condemn the Kufaar and the Kufaar governments!

TABLEEGHI JAMAAT'S ROLE UNDER PUPPET MUSLIM GOVERNMENTS: The Jamaat has also flourished under the puppet governments of Muslim countries who rule in the name of their Kaafir paymasters (Israel, America, Britain, France, etc.) - thousands upon thousands as well-behaved, submissive Muslims praying in their mosques, quite content to live under a system which is opposed to Islam in every way and which is openly dedicated to the suppression of true Islam wherever it emerges.


(1) EATING AND SLEEPING IN MOSQUES : Uninvited, they take over the local mosques for days at a time, sleeping and eating in them and imposing their own programme in complete disregard of the actual needs and on-going organisation of the community concerned.

(2) RECRUITMENT DRIVES: They also cause great offence to Muslims in the way that they disrupt the worship in the mosques they visit by their announcements immediately after the Fard prayers and their offensive recruitment drives. As a result of which is to keep away from the mosque many people who would normally be present.

They encourage and force poorer ignorant Muslims to leave their family and places of work for 3, 10, 20, 40, etc. days and go out for Ghast, while they themselves, belonging to the upper strata in society have accumulate enough wealth to live comfortable lives. We often hear their women-folk, of course, after being brainwashed by their husbands, as saying "Allah will give us Jannat for allowing our husbands to go in the path of Allah."

(3) THEY REGARD ALL OTHERS AS INFERIOR MUSLIMS: They always treat those not in the Jamaat as inferior beings in need of guidance. They often repeat the same speeches regardless of the people that they are speaking to. Much of their activity is based on having a bad opinion of Muslims, something in fact forbidden by Allah and completely contrary to the Messenger (S.A.W), who, as we know, refused to listen to anything that would give him a bad opinion of any of the Muslims.

In "Teachings of Islam" they condemn all Muslims as only being involved in vice and sinning. Besides, 99.9% of their devotees in South Africa belong to the Guajarati community and look down upon other ethnic groups!

(4) IGNORING THE MESSAGE OF ISLAM TO BE GIVEN TO THE KUFAAR: They address their message solely to Muslims, the vast majority of whom are as knowledgeable as or more knowledgeable than they themselves are, ignoring the Kaafir populations among whom they move, who actually are the people to whom the message should be directed. Allah's words are frequently, and sometimes specifically, directed towards the Kufaar and the efforts of the Prophet (S.A.W) and the Companions (R.A) were devoted to conveying Islam to them (kuffar). Even when they visit the African townships, their only aim is to "convert" the poorer African Muslims (who have already reverted to Islam) to their brand of Islam. In fact, they do not even pass the message of Islam to the non-Muslims in the townships.

(5) LARGE NUMBERS THAT ATTEND THE IJTIMA: If the leaders of the Tableeghi Jamaat are sincere, let them hold their next annual gathering on the East bank of Jordan and let them cross the river and march to Al-Quds and liberate it from Jewish/Zionist occupation. Let them hold their Ijtima near the Babri Masjid in India and counter-attack the might of Hindu extremist and capture the mosque. Then them hold their Ijtima near the Shia' centre in Ottawa and take over the centre in defence of true Sunni beliefs. They would not! The Jamaat is only interested in increasing its number and wasting the energy of thousands and thousands of Muslims.

When the Tableeghi Jamaat is asked about their complete indifference to the dominance of the Kufaar, they say "We are not yet strong enough to do anything yet." Yet, they boast of the large numbers that attend their Ijtima's. The Quran says that if you are a hundred, steadfast, you will overcome two hundred and if there are a thousand of you, you will overcome two thousand by Allah's permission (Surah al-Anfal: 65-6). The Tableeghi Jamaat's lack of strength cannot be considered as a valid excuse.

And speaking about the mass Nikahs that take place at the Ijtimas, which is by the way, a meeting place of the rich upper class, the grooms are immediately shoved off to sleep in some mosque for 40 days. And after 40 days, these "spiritually enlightened" individuals qualify as Movies!


The Jamaat claims that it is a Sunnah of the Prophets and the Sahaba and, on the other hand, it says that Molvi Ilyas is the founder of this movement. The questions we ask, are:-

1. If, in reality, this is a Sunnah of the Prophet (S.A.W) as claimed, then it must be proven by authentic Islamic books that the Prophet (S.A.W) and his Sahaba also used to form Jamaats and do Ghast and Tableegh of Kalimah and Namaz amongst Muslims.

2. Why was this Sunnah ignored for 1419 years? Do we classify all the past spiritual luminaries as anti-Sunnah?

3. If this is a Sunnah practice, then surely Molvi Ilyas cannot be its founder. But, if he is the founder, then obviously this type of Tableegh did not exist before him. It is a Bid'ah!

It is the religious duty of the members of Tableeghi Jamaat to clarify the position with their Tableegh work and deceiving the Muslim community. The answers are obvious. This is a new movement founded by a Molvi Ilyas and definitely not a Sunnah.


To have good and strong Imaan, one must have the proper Aqeeda. It is for this reason that we quote a few un-Islamic beliefs of the leaders of the Tableeghi Jamaat together with the proper Islamic answers. The present Molvis and devotees of the T. Jamaat refuse to condemn the persons who wrote such bad beliefs and to even disassociate themselves from such false beliefs. The un-Islamic beliefs which we have quoted below are quotations from those individuals who possess such beliefs and by writing them in this handbill, we have no intention of Kufr.

FALSE BELIEF 1: "Allah can speak lies". ("Barahine Qaatia" by Khaleel Ambetwi; "Yakrozi" by Ismaeel Dehlwi; "Fatawa Rasheedia" by Rasheed Ahmed Gangohi).

ANSWER 1: Lies is a defect which is not worthy of the Zaat of Almighty Allah and is totally Muhaal (Impossible) for Almighty Allah. Allah is free from all shortages and defects thus making lies Muhaal for Almighty Allah.

FALSE BELIEF 2: "The Prophet (S.A.W) had died and is mixed in the sand." ("Taqweeyat-ul Imaan" by Ismaeel Dehlwi).

ANSWER 2: It has been stated in the Hadith: "Verily, Almighty Allah has made it Haraam upon the earth to eat the bodies of the Ambiya". It has also been stated that Ambiya are alive and are blessed with Sustenance from Almighty Allah.

FALSE BELIEF 3: "Every creation, no matter how big or small, is equivalent to a cobbler before Allah." ("Taqweeyat-ul Imaan" by Ismaeel Dehlwi).

ANSWER 3: The Holy Prophet (S.A.W) is the most beloved Nabi of Almighty Allah. Almighty Allah took Qasm (Oath) even on the city of the Prophet (S.A.W). He is the greatest of the creations of Almighty Allah. His every word is accepted in the Court of Allah. He is a perfection in the Attributes of Almighty Allah and Allah has not created any unique being besides Sayyiduna Rasoolullah (S.A.W).

FALSE BELIEF 4: "To think of an ox and donkey in Salah is permissible, but to think of the Prophet (S.A.W) in Salah is Shirk (Polytheism)." ("Seerate Mustaqeem" by Ismaeel Dehlwi).

ANSWER 4: For a Muslim to perform any Ibaadat accepting that it is a noble action of Rasoolullah (S.A.W) is the true sense of Ibaadat. If one reads Namaz thinking of it as the Sunnah of the Prophet (S.A.W), then, without doubt, one will think of the Prophet (S.A.W).

This belief creates in the mind of the performer the thought of the Holy Prophet (S.A.W). Not only is the thought of the Prophet in Namaz permissible, it is also the demand of Shariah that one must remember the Holy Prophet (S.A.W) at the time of Tasha'hud. According to the Fuqaha (Jurists) it is Waajib to believe that the Prophet (S.A.W) is observing you and that he is aware of your actions.

FALSE BELIEF 5: Any person who says the Nabi to be Haazir and Naazir is a Kaafir. ("Jawaahirul Quraan" by Ghulaamullah Khan).

ANSWER 5: Until and unless we do not accept Rasoolullah (S.A.W) as being Haazir and Naazir, the concept of Risaalat will be incomplete. Our Prophet (S.A.W) is Shaahid, Mubashir and Nazeer.

FALSE BELIEF 6: To commemorate the Meelad is like commemorating the function of the Hindu deity. ("Baharine Qaatia" by Khaleel Ambethwi).

ANSWER 6: Meelad is a means of gaining blessings and closeness to Almighty Allah. It is the practice of all the great predecessors. Many sources of Shariah are available to prove its authencity. In fact, Rasoolullah (S.A.W) observed fast on Monday as he was born on a Monday.

FALSE BELIEF 7: If Allah wills, then he may create a million Muhammads. ("Taqweeyatul Imaan"). A Prophet can even come after Muhammad (S.A.W). ("Tahzeerun Naas")

ANSWER 7: The doors of Prophet Hood have been sealed. Muhammad (S.A.W) is the Seal of Prophet hood. The Prophet also said that no Prophet shall come after him. Any person who claims Nabuwat after the Prophet (S.A.W) is a Liar, Dajjal Kazaab and a Shaitaan.

FALSE BELIEF 8: "Rahmatul Lil Alameen" (Mercy unto the Worlds) is not a special title of the Prophet (S.A.W), but the Ummati are also "Rahmatul Lil Alameen". ("Fatawa Rasheedia")

ANSWER 8: "Rahmatul Lil Alameen" is the unique quality of Rasoolullah (S.A.W) as stated in the Holy Quran.

Note: To believe all these above mentioned false "Islamic" beliefs makes one a hypocrite, and one is included in the ranks of the Shia, Rafazi, Khaarijite, Qadiani, Ghair-Muqallid (Ahle Hadith), Tabligi, Deobandi, Maudoodi, Ahle Quran (People of Quran), etc. which are totally out of Islam.

Any person who falsely claims to be the true Mahdi is misguided and a Faasiq. Any person who says that Allah can lie, that the Prophet's (S.A.W) knowledge are like those of animals, that the Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) is not the Final Messenger, that the swearing of the Sahaba does not make one a criminal, that the Prophet's knowledge is less than Shaitaan, etc. IS A KAAFIR (totally out of the folds of Islam). We should not perform Salah or associate with such persons as their companionship is detrimental to our Imaan.


The members of Tableeghi Jamaat have become extremely unpopular with many communities of Muslims throughout the world and even in South Africa. However, many continue to tolerate them. In fact, what they do, in the manner of Christian evangelists, is to play on the guilt of insecure people and then offer them an emotional environment in which they can redeem themselves and find others in a similar plight who are ready for the same treatment. Such "conversions" are frequently very superficial and sometimes superficially quite dangerous for the individuals concerned.

As we have seen, the ludicrous claim is made that the programme of the Tableeghi Jamaat comprises in every respect the way followed by the Prophet (S.A.W) and his Companions (R.A), in their establishment of Islam. In fact, the opposite is true. From its inception, the programme of the Tableeghi Jamaat was designed, while giving the appearance of Islamic activity, to leave in place the very Kaafir forces whose explicit intention was precisely the prevention of the establishment of Islam in any real way. In the light of all the foregoing:

1. We declare that the Tableeghi Jamaat is, by its own admission, a deviant sect of Islam and that it is being used by the enemies of Islam to help them in their continuing battle to prevent governance by the laws of Allah from being re-established in the world.

2. We therefore call on the leadership of the Tableeghi Jamaat to acknowledge that they are directly responsible for the misguidance of millions of Muslims and to abandon their present programme which only furthers the interest of the enemies of Allah.

3. We therefore call on all members of the Tableeghi Jamaat to reject the subversive role they have been unwittingly persuaded to play and leave this sect which is being used by the enemies of Islam to prevent Allah's Deen being restored and governance by His Laws re-established.

4. We therefore call on all Muslims to disown the Tableeghi Jamaat and to discourage its activities by refusing to give its members permission to sleep in mosques and to use them for their activities. And we call on all Muslims to reject the modernist perspective of Islam that they have been given to and respond to Allah and His Messenger (S.A.W) by giving their wealth and lives to see the totality of Islam once again re-established on the earth.

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(Answered by: Hafiz Mohammed Akhtar)
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