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1036 My husband gave me an Islamic divorce a week ago by signing papers that said I have divorced my wife 3 times and got two witnessed to sign it then sent it to a Molvi and then the Molvi and I signed the papers.

He only signed them because I had told him. Now he said he made a mistake because I pressurized him to sign the papers and wants to get back with me. The Molvi said this is not possible. But my husband only signed the papers once not in three separate go’s. Is our Nikah still valid? Please help quickly.
Divorce is the most hated of the permissible acts and hence it should be dealt with delicacy. This is why Islamic Scholar’s advise that married couples should take great considerations before taking such actions and understand the consequences.

If the husband is convinced that the correct course of action is divorce, even then it would be recommend that the best way to perform the divorce is to give a single divorce to allow time for Rajooh (reconciliation/ get back together). If after some time has lapsed and the husband still consider the divorce to be the right option then, to go ahead with the divorce.

In light of how you have described the scenario your divorce has taken place. The process that you followed, whether it is by choice, pressure of circumstances or a mistake, the marriage has ended according to Islamic Shariah.

Once 3 Talaq’s (Divorces) have been given (all at once or separately) then the only way for a couple to remarry each other is by performing Hilala (female has to have Nikah with another man, consummate the marriage and be divorced). Then to have new Nikah with her Ex Husband.

It is necessary for the woman to serve the Iddat period (waiting period) before she is allowed by Shariah to remarry.

Please also refer to Q1 and Q632 on our website, which refer to Iddat period and the condition set upon the woman whilst in her Iddat period.

(Answered by: Hafiz Mohammed Akhtar)
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