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1044 I'm a Muslim man in my twenties and I very much enjoy chatting with preteen girls (9yrs - 12yrs) on the internet. The things I talk about are just general stuff like school, hobby's etc. (the same things they would talk about with their friends).

The only way for me to have an honest and open conversation with them is by pretending to be a girl their own age; which is of course an easy thing to do on the internet.

Recently I came across this Hadith: "The Prophet (PBUH) said, “Allah has cursed the women who imitate the men and the men who imitate the women." So my question is: Does this Hadith apply to me in my specific situation? Or can I just continue doing what I’m doing since I’m not causing harm to anyone. Thank you very much.
Firstly you need to know that; you should be socialising with your age group males, and defiantly not young innocent pre-teen girls. By pretending to be someone else you are in essence being dishonest, which against Islamic teachings.

From changing your identity, you are taking advantage of the innocent minds, this leads to paedophilia and grooming. Please stop this immediately.

In reference to the above Hadith, it is correct Allah (S.W.T) has cursed the women who imitate the men and the men who imitate the women, but it is directed to the physical appearances that men/woman adopt, portraying them to be of the other sex (i.e. clothes, length of hair etc). This is not allowed in Islam.

Irrespective of the Hadith not applying to your situation, we reiterate to you that what you are doing is wrong Islamically and also wrong in the eyes of the Law. You need to stop this immediately and occupy your time more constructively.

(Answered by: Hafiz Mohammed Akhtar)
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