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1056 My husband and I live in a good size house, also shared by my primary school aged children and my husbands' 2 sons from previous marriage.

The younger son just got married, and his wife moved into our house. They have a room of their own upstairs. When they get intimate I hear a lot of very loud noises from the lady even when I am downstairs and I am not sure what is the best thing to do.

I feel quite intimidated, but I also have children who may ask questions, there's also a possibility the eldest son could hear it one day as well which I think will be quite embarrassing. Please advice as to what I should do. She is a lovely girl so I don't want any spoilt relationships as they literally just got married.
Situations such as these should not be open to discussion on such forums and should be dealt with in house, with the parties concerned.

We would request you to talk to your daughter in law, in the strictest of confidence and kindness to avoid further embarrassment.

(Answered by: Hafiz Mohammed Akhtar)
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