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1087 I had this question stuck in my head for about 2-3 years. In my school there are a lot of pretty girls and smart and a lot of them are very respectable, but my concern is that they are not Muslims. Is it OK for a Muslim man to marry a non-Muslim woman?

My reason is that I don't find girls in my culture, respecting. I am an Ahiska Turk (Wikipedia has an article). Please tell if it is OK for Muslim man to marry a non-Muslim, if yes what religion should the children be?

And if yes how is the wedding supposed to be, my culture or hers? And please tell me more than I asked please I don't want miss anything. I actually want to know because in my culture nowadays is hard to find at least smart and respectable girl I'm not even talking about being "hot". Please answer me it is really important. I appreciate and thank you all in advance for helping people and developing this wonderful website.
Muslims are not allowed to marry non Muslims.

One question that may arise in the readers mind is that if this is the case then why does Allah (S.W.T) say the following in the Holy Quran (5:4): It is possible to marry women ‘who are given the Book.’ This refers to Jews and Christians. They are not allowed to marry polytheists (Mushriks). (As mentioned in previously answered questions)

Muslim Scholars shed light in this issue by explaining that, As the Jews and Christian of today do not follow the true teachings of their books, and are in fact closer to disbelief (Kufr) in their current form than they are closer to Islam, one cannot classify them as Ahle Kitab (People of the Book), which the Quran is referring to. In conclusion marriage to them is not permissible.

It is very untrue to say that “it is hard to find at least smart and respectable girls” who are Muslims. It could be that you are not approaching the scenario with an Islamic mindset and looking with the right intension in mind. One as a Muslim needs to seek a marriage partner based on piety and excellence of religion, rather then wealth beauty and status as described in AHadith Shareef.

Please also refer to earlier questions.

And Allah (S.W.T) knows best.

(Answered by: Hafiz Mohammed Akhtar)
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