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1089 I have a rabbit at home and it runs around in the living room where I also pray. Is it allowed to pray at a place where such an animal runs around or would such a place be considered to have too much impurity around?

And since the rabbit runs around the whole apartment, and after Wudu everywhere I step it will be a place it has been sitting, does this mean my feet will be impure and invalidate my prayer? Could you also tell about the ruling on pets and criteria for keeping them?
To automatically assume that the place where your pet rabbit has been, has become unclean is incorrect.

What will deem an area unclean is if the rabbit has urinated or defecated in a particular area, such as the carpet. In such cases the particular area has to be cleaned leaving no traces of the soil behind in order it to be classed as Paak (Clean).

For the feet becoming impure and invalidating the prayer, this is also incorrect. Your Wudu and Salah will not be affected, providing you do not stand on such areas which are evidently unclean.

It is important to remember that if you happen to stand on such soiled area, the Wuzu will not be void but the feet/foot would be required to be cleaned and in that particular area the Salah can only be read once fully cleaned.

As for the criteria for keeping pets, please refer to Q1074 on our website.

(Answered by: Hafiz Mohammed Akhtar)
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