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1090 Regarding your answer to Question 893 about the prostration marks on the foreheads, you replied that "there is no significance and that these marks are generally caused by prostrating on hard surfaces". I would like to draw your attention to Surah Al-Fatha Verse:29 "... they have the marks on their foreheads from the effect of prostrations. this description of theirs is in the Tauraat and also in the Injeel..." light on the faces who engage in Tahajjud prayers.
Thank you for reading the answers we put on the net. However we would request you reread the question. The answer states that: There is no significance to relate that the pious only have these marks. The emphasis is on the word “only”.

What we were explaining to the questioner was that to simply make a blanket statement that all people who have these marks are instantly labeled and accepted as pious is incorrect. There are such people who exist, who do perform their Salah with regularity (sometimes due to habit rather than intension) and have visible signs on their foreheads but they are far from being pious.

The point we were making is that if someone perform Salah and disregard or violate other aspects of Islam he is not entitled to be categorised as pious simply because he perform Salah with regularity.

Hope this clears the confusion.

(Answered by: Hafiz Mohammed Akhtar)
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