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1114 Where is Paradise at this very moment?

Secondly the believers who pass away will meet other believers in Barzakh?
Paradise is above the seven skies at this moment, as reported the many reports of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him). In Surah Najm, Allah (S.W.T) describes Paradise as next to the Sidra al-Muntaha (Najm: 15).

Secondly, many believers will meet one another in the state of Barzakh. In Surah Ale Imran, Allah (S.W.T) refers to the martyrs and states,

‘Think not of those who are killed in the way of Allah as dead. Rather they are alive with their Lord and they are given provisions. They rejoice in what Allah has bestowed upon them of His Bounty; rejoicing for the sake of those who have not yet joined them, but are left behind that on them no fear shall come, nor shall they grieve. (3: 168-9) ’

Likewise, Imam Ghazali (R.A) records many reports in Ihya Ulum al-Din which support this opinion; -Ja’far ibn Sa’id (R.A) said, ‘When a man dies he is met by his son just as a man is met after a long absence.’

-Salih al-Murri (R.A) said, ‘I have heard that the spirits meet together at death, and say to the one that is newly come among them, ‘how was you abode, and in what variety of body were you ensconced, in one fair or foul?’

-Abd Allah ibn Amr ibn al-As (R.A) was once asked where the spirits of the believers reside after death. ‘They are in the form of white birds in the shade of the Throne. And the spirits of the disbelievers are in the seventh earth.’

(Answered by: Alims at Islamic Centre, Leicester, UK)

(Verified by: Hafiz Mohammed Akhtar)
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