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1141 What are the basic rules for the slaughter man in Shariah? Please could you give me the answer in detail.
Slaughtering in Islam is a method that makes the consumable meat Halal (lawful) or Haram (forbidden). The method of slaughtering is based on certain clear guidelines found in the Holy Quran and the Sunnah.

We can summarise as follows:

1. The animal(s) to be slaughtered must be the ones permitted for consumption under the Islamic law e.g. sheep, lamb, poultry etc.

2. Slaughtering must be performed manually by a mature Muslim who fully understands the fundamentals and conditions relating to slaughtering according to the Islamic Law.

3. At the time of slaughtering the name of Allah must be invoked by saying: Bismillahi - Allahu Akbar, (I begin (this slaughter) in the name of Allah Azawajal - Allah is the Greatest).

4. The animal should be slaughtered using a very sharp knife, penetrating the throat of the animal. The Windpipe, food-tract and two jugular veins of the animal being slaughtered should be cut, preferably in one stroke.

5. The blood of the slaughtered animal must be drained as completely as possible.

6. The neck of the animal should not be disjoined during slaughtering intentionally.

7. Animals must be slaughtered in a humane way, without subjecting to any brutality or unnecessary suffering.

The Holy Quran States; ‘Eat not of that over which the Name of Allah has not been pronounced for surely that is disobedience. And surely the Satans (devils) inspire their friends that they may quarrel with you, and if you obey them, then indeed you are the idolaters. (Kanzul Imaan , Para 8, Ayah 121)

(Answered by: Hafiz Mohammed Akhtar)
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