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1142 I would like a Scholarly opinion Insha’Allah - May Allah (S.W.T) reward your efforts and grant you Jannah.

My husband is very pious Masha'Allah and I am trying to improve in my practice of Islam (I am a revert) I try to cover myself appropriately and wear Niqab outside of the house most of the time.

My husband feels it is a higher/ advanced level of Adab to also wear a Head covering (e.g. scarf) at home. As he has Taqwa, he feels doing so is more modest and brings greater blessings into the home through one's modesty.

He suggests (never enforces, Alhamdulillah for his good character) that I should wear head covering even in seclusion with no visitors or Non-Mahrams. I have no objections to doing this if evidence or proof of this is presented as I wish to obey my husband.

From my studies I have found no evidence of women being required or even recommended to keep on Hijab at home. My husband says I will not find evidence of this because it is Adab and therefore more subtle - not from Quran and Sunnah.

My husband is from Pakistan and I am concerned that this is actually a cultural practice and that there is no recommendation/benefit from my doing so. I am happy to do it to please him but I am equally very keen to follow true Islam without cultural norms being mistaken for such.

Could you please clarify if covering at home is more in line with the principle of 'Haya? If not, will I be sinning if I refuse? (not out of stubbornness, rather the intent to avoid cultural practices or innovation in Deen) Jazakha'Allah khair Wa'alikum wa salaam, Barak Allah feek. Revert sister
Mashallah sister a thought provoking question and one that shows that as Muslim’s we need to remain objective. May Allah (S.W.T) give you more knowledge and keep you steadfast on Deen. (Ameen).

Hijab is an act of worship because Allah (S.W.T) has commanded it and it is only required in front of non Mehrams, be that at home or in public. Likewise we do not need to observe Hijab in front of Mehram. Claiming that wearing Hijaab at home in front of Mehrams including the husband brings more blessings is incorrect. Of course we should maintain modesty in front of Mehrams too, but the rules are more relaxed with the husband, a woman can wear anything she wants in front of him.

Islam is a very simple and easy religion, we should be moderate and stick to what has been advised and not go overboard. Going overboard makes things unnatural and will only make us depressed and eventually we will run out of steam and get tired of the Deen.

Hijab which was addressed to the Holy Wives (R.A) of the Prophet (S.A.W) i.e. if they were not required to do Parda (cover) to this extent at home then why are we restricting ourselves to this extent which did not apply to those blessed personalities. Please be assured that this is not Haya as your husband has claimed and may well be derived from culture, therefore you will not be sinful if given the choice not to follow. However if this effects your relationship then it would be better to comply but educate your husband with the correct understanding on this subject.

(Answered by: Hafiz Mohammed Akhtar)
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