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1148 Can a wife ask for a divorce because her husband did not satisfy her with physical relation?
On numerous occasions we have stressed that Divorce is the most hated of the permissible things in Islam and should not be taken lightly and we do so again in this question.

Secondly your question is rather unclear as to why you believe your husband did not sexually satisfy you? Did he refuse to take part or was the process in itself not satisfactory? On this basis issues of this nature are better discussed in person with your local Masjid Imam or Islamic counseling service rather than this forum with Question and Answer.

Based on my understanding of your question I would recommend that the couple discuss one another’s rights and needs in their relationship. Marriage is not just to fulfill the sexual desire but rather a union that leads to peaceful and happy life within the boundaries of Islam (that is why it is rewarding when a husband and wife fulfill the sexual desires of one another). If a problem of sexual nature exists causing the man to not satisfy his wife’s sexual needs then medical treatment should be sought to help (the couple should resolve the problem together). Finally if all attempts made to resolve the problem fail, then one should consult a local imam or a confiding elder to amicably end the relationship.

(Answered by: Hafiz Mohammed Akhtar)
Category (Marriage / Divorce)