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1173 If your mum tells you to stay away from an Imam because she doesn’t trust him, should you? Because it would mean staying away from mosque!
If it is known that this person is not a good influence and you are not in the position to correct him in his ways, then the sensible option would be to stay away from him. This advice would be for any such person who is a bad influence, not only with regards to Imams.

It is our individual duty to strive to learn about Islam and increase our Islamic practices, this is a duty for every Muslim, whichever institution or teacher(s) helps you fulfill this criteria would be recommended (providing the Imam / Institution holds the Ahle Sunnah Wal Jammah Aqaid). Rather than taking the easy option of staying away from the Masjid, it would be more beneficial if you could ask your parents to contact the Masjid and address any concerns. Hopefully this should resolve the issues at hand.

(Answered by: Hafiz Mohammed Akhtar)
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