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1191 I work in a hospital in UK, and my question to you is that is it allowed to feed someone (non-Muslim) non-Halal food or served them Haraam food? Because in hospitals there is non Halal food and sometimes there is also pork. So can a Muslim feed to a patient who can't feed himself/herself due to her medical condition a Haram food such as pork?
As it is described as filth by Allah, pork should be avoided at all costs. Please talk to your employers and explain that Islam has a very strict rule when it comes to handling pork.

The other products should be handled with care and precaution. You can and should serve this food with the intention of fulfilling the terms of your employment. You should not serve it with the intention that it is good and rewarding to serve Haram food.

(Answered by: Imams at Islamic Centre, Leicester, UK)

(Verified by: Hafiz Mohammed Akhtar)
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