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1233 I have been told that if a person is to partake in the Qurbani then they cannot cut their nails and hair, until the Qurbani has been sacrificed. However when i switched on the TV to watched the Hajj programmes shown from UK, most of the Alims on the panel had their hath done (made the beard). Does this rule only apply to the general public?
In Islam", Shariah that applies to the general public, also applies to the Alims too. So to have the understanding that Islam is based on a tier system is incorrect.

Having clarified this point and moving back to your question, If someone is performing the sacrifice of Qurbani then it is Sunnah (Ghair Mokidah) to abstain from cutting the nails and hair. As it is Sunnah and not Fard/Wajib then if someone does not abstain from it, they will not be sinful, but will not receive the blessings of performing the Sunnah.

(Answered by: Hafiz Mohammed Akhtar)
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