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1248 Can I pray Namaz / Quran if my sleeping bed is dry but Napaak (Impure)?
To be honest, I do not really understand what you are trying to ask in your question, as it is not clear.

If in your question you are asking whether it is ok for you to read Quran on your bed which is dry but impure, or if you was to sit or lay on your bed and then to go and read the Salah/ Quran in the same clothes, then the answer to your question would be yes you can. Providing you fulfilled the requirements set for reading Quran, Salaah etc.

However it would be more beneficial if you recite the Quran in such a place where you are certain the place is clean.

If this was not your intended question then please resubmit your question.

(Answered by: Hafiz Mohammed Akhtar)
Category (Cleanliness)