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1265 Isn’t it true that there should be no laughing, no worldly talks, no shouting in the mosque? So then why is it that there are 'elders' in mosque who treat the mosque like its their home and do everything they shouldn’t be doing, what kind of example is this to young children who get shouted at for something the 'elders' are doing themselves. I’ve heard loads of gossip, backchat and disrespect from these 'elders' and have had enough. It’s disgraceful, they should know better, treating everyone like dirt.

I have done nothing but respect these people and when they keep being disrespectful, time and time again there’s only a certain amount i can take. I’ve been incredibly patient and its getting beyond a joke, I go to this particular Masjid, do my thing, give salaam to the people there and leave. Does it say anywhere that I have to stay and talk to people because they want to talk about something irrelevant, no? I know I have to carry on being patient, could you tell me the reward for patience?
It is very sad to see that the very people who should be setting an example to the youngsters are engaged in such acts which they should be encouraging others not to do.

Mashallah it is commendable that you show patience though it would be easier to retaliate. May Allah (S.W.T) bless and reward you further.

In such cases if you are not in a position to explain to the individual without confrontational exchange, it would be better for you to perform your Salah, offer your Salam and leave the Masjid rather than to stay and be part of their worldly gossip.

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(Answered by: Hafiz Mohammed Akhtar)
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