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1272 Does a divorce done in extreme anger without realizing it was being said and lacking intention count as a divorce?
When a man makes a statement of divorce to his wife (using the word Talaaq) then it will count as a divorce irrespective of whether he said it out of sheer anger or not, or whether he intended to or not. Proclaiming the word ‘divorce’ to the partner is like shooting someone with a gun. A person cannot shoot someone and then say he did not mean to fire it. If he didn’t mean to fire it, he should not have had the gun in his hand in the first place. Though such rulings may seem strict, it is there to ensure marriage is respected as a sacred institution and is not taken lightly.

(Answered by: Imams at Islamic Centre, Leicester, UK)

(Verified by: Hafiz Mohammed Akhtar)
Category (Marriage / Divorce)