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1279 My uncle is a sole agent in Pakistan of a foreign manufacturing company of Malaysia. Only he can import products from that company to Pakistan. Now what he does is that he imports products, takes them in his possession and sells to market. But some customer demand for the whole container of that product, so he gives the customer, an invoice.

He instructs the company to send invoice and prepare documents at a specific price agreed by the customer and uncle. Uncle sends invoice/documents to customer after receiving them. Customer pays to the company bank account. So he always agree at a price with customer that is higher than what price is offered by the company, so the rest is uncles profit. The container gets shipped to the customers location. Also uncle does not get any commission on sales.

Is this allowed in Islam?
From what you have mentioned, I understand that your uncle deals with the manufacturer as well as the customer. He decides on a fixed price from the manufacturer and then puts on his own profit margin and sells to the customer. This is generally straight forward business. I am not quite sure what concerns you in such an arrangement which caused you to ask the question to us.

If I have not fully understood your question and you require further clarification, please feel free to resubmit you question with additional information.

(Answered by: Hafiz Mohammed Akhtar)
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