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21 Who are Barelvies / Wahaabis? And what are the differences?
The term "Barelvies" literally means a person from "Barely".

The reason why the Ahl-us-Sunnah-wal-Jamah are sometimes called Barelvies is because they have immense love and respect for the unparallel scholar Imam Ahmad Raza. He is renowned as the Mujadid (revivalist) of the 14th century Hijrah.

The term “Wahaabis” literally means associate or followers of Abdul Wahaab.
This title is given to the followers of Mohammed bin Abdul Wahaab Najdi. He was born some 200 years ago in Najd (Saudi Arabia). So anyone who approves of or follows in the footsteps of Abdul Wahaab Najdi is a Wahaabi.
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