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230 Are Muslim women allowed to dye their hair?
With exception of the criteria mentioned below women are allowed to dye their hair.

Hazret Ibn Abbas (R.A) relates that RasoolAllah (S.A.W) said: in the end days some people will be those who will use black hizaab (a particular shade of black) those people will not smell the Paradise (i.e. they will not even go near paradise) . Ref Anwar ul Hadith, by Jalaludin Ahmad Amjadi P386, (Quoting Hadith from Abu Dawud, Nisae, Miskaat)

Do remember that the dye of ones hair should not be for fashion but rather for the purpose of or demand of pleasing your husband. Pardah (Hijab) for a woman is necessary in Islam (Fard) and hairs can only be visible to Mehrams.

Also note that those dye/ colours containing Islamically prohibited ingredients as the (i.e. alcohol, gelatine, animal rennet etc..) are prohibited and if the colour/ dye which will prohibit water from reaching the base core of the hair after dye being applied (i.e. completely covering the original hair rather then just colour change) so that you can not complete ghusl are also not allowed.
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