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255 When a pious Muslim man passes away Allah subhanatallah grants him 70 hooreh. Does a pious Muslim woman receive any reward?

Also I have heard that a nikah of the husband and wife breaks on death of either couple so can the surviving spouse view the face as I have heard they become gher mehram? (Therefore is grieving permitted for a gher mehram?

Sometimes a spouse may grieve for the remainder of their life). I have seen all men and women view the face of any deceased is this permitted?

I am sorry for asking 3 questions but I would be grateful if I get a reply for all of them. Thank you.
1. Yes. Seventy hoorein will be her maids, and the greatest reward in paradise is to be close to RasoolAllah (S.A.W), which is no doubt more rewarding then 70 hoorein.

2. Even though the nikah is nullified (breaks) the woman is still in idaat (restrictive period i.e. she can not remarry) for her no restriction apply i.e. she can view husbands face etc. The husband is allowed to view the face of the wife and carry the funeral (difference of opinion), But he can not touch or give ghusl to the wife unless absolutely necessary. Hence grieving within Islamic boundaries is permissible for both.

3. Men can view the face of men and women can view the face of women, also you can view the face of your deceased Mehram.
The death of one spouse does not mean the breaking of all ties, it is just the final moments that some restrictions apply, the living spouse must pray and do eshale sawab for the deceased (this grieving is recommended).
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