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261 In Riyadhus Sunnah, The Gardens of Sunnah, Page 399 to 401 it states the following: If a family of a deceased invites guests for food on the 3rd and 4th day, this is reprehensible innovation and is not allowed.

Further more it states that Sheikh Ahmad Raza states that this is not allowed and Bidah. Could you please clarify this?
If the intension is of eshale swab to the deceased and one calls people to participate in the recitation of Quran Shareef and make Dua (Hatham) for eshale sawab of the deceased (whether on 3rd day or the 4th or any other day) and then food is served then this is permissible.

If people are merely invited for food without benefiting the dead then since its not an occasion of rejoicing this indeed is not allowed (and would be classified as a reprehensible innovation (Biddah).

The reference to the particular book you are making has not passed by me, please do remember that number of people have tried to write books on the name of Imam Ahmed Raza Khan Rahmatulla Alaihi and are not his work or thoughts, so if you provide the copy of the book to the mosque or note the name of who interprets it into English and which establishment printed it, we will specifically look into the matter.
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