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300 Is it compulsory to follow one of the Four Imams (School of Thought) ?
It is necessary (Wajib) to follow one of the four imams eg. to perform Salaah, or perform Saum, Zakaah, etc. as per what they have prescribed. This is known as Taqleed Shakhshi.

The Holy Quran says: "Guide us on the Right Path, the Path of those on whom you have showered blessing". (Surah Fateha: 5) The verse may be taken as the argument in favour of Absolute (Mutlaq) Taqleed as well as the Taqleed of Mujtahids. Those on the Right Path are the Mufassirin (Commentators of Quran), Muhaddiseen (Scholars of the Ahadith), Jurists, Awliya Allah, Ghaus, Qutub, Abdal, etc. They were all Muqallids proving there by that Taqleed is the Right Path.

For comprehensive explanation on taqleed please refer to the following link on our website and choose taqleed or following of the four imams;


And Allah azawajal knows best.
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