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301 1) What is the reason behind why a woman or a young girl can’t cut their hair?

2) Can a married woman cut her with and without her hijab to please her husband, the same with makeup?

3) If a person tells you a wrong thing which they believe is right and you do the wrong thing all your life; which one of you will receive punishment on the day of judgment?
Please refer to questions 89, 230, 232, AND 254; which cover the issue of women cutting hair and using perfume, the same method applies to makeup. But remember majority of chemicals in makeup material are derived from ingredients that are haraam.

While the punishments of wrongful telling is based on intensions and situation, i.e. if a person tells you something knowing to mislead, then you are not punished but they are committing a sin and will receive punishment, but if you know they are misleading you and you follow what they have informed you of, then you both have sinned.

If the person saying or telling something has researched the issue and made a wrong opinion then neither are punished in fact they both will be rewarded (i.e. scholars opinion) .
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