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303 I want to get married to a non Muslim, can you please tell me, should I have to tell her to change into Muslim or is that ok, getting married to her?

Other question: Do you have to get married in Islam, or can you stay single? Thank you, Allah Hafiz
It is necessary that one should get married when he develops sexual desires; it is also a Sunnah (method) of our beloved Prophet (S.A.W) to get married, he never educated his followers to remain single.

The basis for marriage should be Islam and not desire. It is better to marry a Muslim as the girl will be bearer of your children and will educate them with what she knows and believes (even though it is permissible to marry the practicing Ahle-Kitaab (people of the book i.e. Jews and Christian) as stated in the Holy Quran).

Additional Notes Added for further Clarification to the above answer:

It is important to remember is that the general consensus of the Scholars is that Muslims of today are not allowed to marry non Muslims.

One question that may arise in the readers mind is that if this is the case then why does Allah (S.W.T) say the following in the Holy Quran (5:4): It is possible to marry women ‘who are given the Book.’ This refers to Jews and Christians.

Muslim Scholars shed light in this issue by explaining that, As the Jews and Christian of today do not follow the true teachings of their books, and are in fact closer to disbelief (Kufr) in their current form than they are closer to Islam, one cannot classify them as Ahle Kitab (People of the Book), which the Quran is referring to. In conclusion marriage to them is not permissible.
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