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307 I don't know if I am supposed to ask this or not because I have heard that we are not supposed to find out meaning of our dreams...

This dream is not mine but it is about me my uncle's daughter had this dream:

The dream was she doesn’t know if it is my wedding day or a function during them days but she sees her boyfriend in the dream and it is snowing and he gets lost in the fields she says to my sister to go with her and find him but my sister doesn't go with her and I say to her that I will go with you, me and her are following her boyfriends foot steps in the fields and we are just going round and round but we cant find him so my cousin says leave it because he's playing a game we are just going round in circles and then she wakes up.

After she awoke she told her boyfriends father about the field part but not about the wedding part and they at that moment had a peer sahib at the house, the peer asked her who is getting married and she said me, the peer said to her that something bad is getting planed by a family member for the wedding but they don’t know if it is from the dad's side or the mum's side of the family and because she said in her dream its a game we are just going around in circles, we will figure out the plan but by then it will be to late.

I am really very worried and don’t know what to do I have turned my self towards Allah. Please is there anyway I can find out what is going to happen and who is planning the bad. I hope you understand what I have written and can you email me the reply back. Allah hafiz
If a Peer sahib has interpreted the dream for you ask them the same question with regards to the future events, they may be in better position to advise.

Our advice would be to Read Darood Shareef consistently and to read Surah Falak and Surah Naas and pray to Allah (S.W.T) that he protects you from all evils from man and jinn. Inshallah we will make Dua for you.
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