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322 I just wanted to know if Muslim men are allowed to use condoms and if women can use the morning after pill?
The question is referring to what is known as Azl (withdrawal prior to ejaculation, or preventing pregnancy).

There is a slight difference of opinion between Ulama, the most common opinion is that contraception is permitted (i.e. both man and woman can use prevention).

However it is far superior not to engage in contraception without genuine reason or benefit, because the Quran and Hadith encourage having children as stated in a Hadith “marry and multiply” (Abu Dawud and Nasai).

Hazrat e Jabir Ibn Abdullah (R.A) relates that “we used to engage in contraception (Azl) while the Quran was being revealed. Had it been something that was interdicted, the Quran would have forbidden it (Bukhari 5209, Muslim 4220).

It is disliked to engage in contraception ((Azl) preventative ejaculation) without the wife’s agreement. This is because intercourse with ejaculation is the means to having a child and having a child is the wife’s right. By using contraception without her permission, her right is not fulfilled. However if the contraception was with the wife’s agreement, then it is not disliked, as she will have willingly foregone her right and vice versa where the pill is used. And Allah (S.W.T) knows best.
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