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335 What do I do if I fear that my husband dislikes my parents, leaves me to marry another woman or does not listen to me despite me listening, obeying and supporting him when he needs me.

At present he has all the assets in his name and I do not know what he will do next. I am due to receive some money from my parents he has said that requires me to insert his name on the account.

If I mention anything my opinions he gets very defensive. Generally he looks after us but does not trust me. I am very confused and distressed. I read Darood Shareef but I am sacred that he may leave me for someone else. We have one son who he loves. Please help.
I’m sorry to hear your story. I am not in the position to give you any advice on personal matters, However I would strongly recommend you read YA WA DUDU abundantly. This, Inshallah, will bring love between you and your husband. May Allah (S.W.T), with the Wasilla of Our Holy Prophet (S.A.W), help you overcome this testing time.
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